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Gun Accessory Reviews
By Dan S. Defense
Holster & Gun Accessory Reviews

A good holster is a critical component in a self defense equation, one that is often overlooked and seen as the place to save money. That assumption is incorrect. In fact, making your holster the weakest link in your self defense routine could get you killed. We will review holsters that will match the quality of the gun you selected, as well as gun sights and other gun accessories.  
Gun Carrier Reviews

You always want to carry extra gear with you from ammunition to flash lights. Carriers will help you do that. We'll review carriers designed specifically for gun accessories, for example magazines and ammunition. Such carriers will allow you to stay in a fight until you win. All gun carriers reviewed here allow you to keep your gear concealed and yet easily accessible. And they will keep your gear silent as well. 

Best Hunting Gear

Hunting equipment and accessories are critical to any successful hunting trip. In these articles we'll examine different hunting equipment and accessories--from hunting equipment that will help you carry your gear, to hunting accessories that will help you send a stable and accurate shot. We'll cover hunting accessories for your rifle, as well as for your body and comfort. Our goal is to provide specific ideas for hunting equipment and accessories that will help you be more efficient and comfortable in the field.
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More Self Defense Articles

Handgun Reviews 

In-depth handgun reviews ranging from pocket guns to combat revolvers and full-size semi-automatics. We'll evaluate each gun for accuracy and reliability and look at pros and cons, with the goal of giving you the information you need to make an informed decision when buying a gun. 
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