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DeSantis Nemesis
Pocket Holster Review
for Ruger LCP

By Dan S. Defense

The Ruger LCP is a pocket 380 ACP handgun. The DeSantis Nemesis was designed to keep the Ruger LCP in your pocket,. The DeSantis Nemesis keeps the Ruger LCP in a manner that makes it accessible for presentation and safe. Because the Ruger LCP is mostly carried in pockets and because it doesn't have an external safety, keeping a loaded handgun in a holster makes sense. In this review we will look at the DeSantis Nemesis and see how well it works for the Ruger LCP.

Since I own and use this gear, I'll even share real life carry experience with the Nemesis and the Ruger LCP, to give you an idea of what it's like to carry the LCP in the DeSantis Nemesis in real life. By the time you finish reading this review, you'll know all that matters about the Nemesis, and see if it is right for you and your Ruger LCP. Please note that there is also a picture of my Ruger LCP in my DeSantis Nemesis holster at the upper right hand side of the article. Click on it for a full size picture that shows the extent of coverage the DeSantis Nemesis gives the Ruger LCP.

During hot summer days it is hard to carry and conceal a full size self defense handgun. The Ruger LCP is small, light and easy to conceal, something that makes the Ruger LCP a great summer gun. Since you want to be able to conceal the Ruger LCP you need a holster that won't add any bulk, be small and easy to conceal but still fulfill its purpose and hold the Ruger LCP in place--safe, secure and accessible. I knew exactly what I wanted but it took a few tries of holsters that weren't good enough, until I found the DeSantis Nemesis.

The DeSantis Nemesis is made from an interesting material which also lends it a distinct look. The external material, which is black and full of tiny indentations, sticks to the inside of the pocket. DeSantis describes it as "a material that's so sticky it's almost like fly paper. " a statement I think is overly dramatic but the fact remains that the material does work and it keep the Ruger LCP in place.

The Nemesis also has a small flap that keeps it in the proper position. Bur for me, the real winning quality was not only keeping the Ruger LCP in place (which a few of the failed holsters did) but it also stays in your pocket while you draw the Ruger LCP. The All the other holsters came out with the holster. I think that's the biggest selling point and I agree with DeSantis when they say that "This pocket holster absolutely will not move out of position in your pocket. "

To assure smooth presentation DeSantis says that "The inside is made of a slick pack cloth for a no-friction draw, and the core has just the right amount of foam to break up the outline of the gun." and that's exactly what it does. But, you may ask, how does this holster work in real life carry? Read on and you'll see.

My wife and I went to an event which required me to wear formal cloths and travel to Seattle. I typically carry a 1911 in 45 ACP or a large S&W "N Frame" revolver but there was no way I could take anything that large. First those guns would "print" and be visible and second, because I had to wear a dress belt, the weight of these firearms would pull my pants down.

I could imagine the ridiculous spectacle of a fully armed and pant-less me, in front of a large crowed of people in formal wear. Having seen the image and not liking it, I decided to take the Ruger LCP in the DeSantis Nemesis. i placed both in my front pocket and they literally disappeared. In fact throughout the evening I kept checking to see if the Ruger LCP was still there, because I couldn't feel it. in addition, there was absolutely no printing and no one knew I was armed.

Since then I had several occasions to use the DeSantis Nemesis to carry my little Ruger LCP, mostly in shorts but also in jeans and slacks. In each and every time the DeSantis Nemesis worked well and as expected.

The DeSantis Nemesis is ambidextrous, which means it works for both right and left haded individuals, an it really works. I am ambidextrous and was able to both test and carry it on both sides. it works as advertised. There are several other models available, which I'll list for completeness despite not testing them myself ,and they are "Full Size Auto, Compact Auto, Small Auto, Small Revolver, Kel-Tec .380."

Typically you'd expect to pay good money for a good holster but I was pleasantly surprised in this case. The DeSantis Nemesis for the Ruger LCP retails for about $20 and with a little research you may find it for less, or be able to combine it with some other item and get free shipping. That's good value in hard economic times.

In summary, the DeSantis Nemesis is a good solid holster. It works well with the Ruger LCP and keeps it safe and accessible. I like the fact that the DeSantis Nemesis covers the trigger guard completely, this protecting the trigger from an accidental discharge. The fact the the DeSantis Nemesis stays in your pocket while drawing the Ruger LCP , shows that the R&D into the "sticky" material paid off.

For a retail price of about $20 it's a bargain, given the fact that the DeSantis Nemesis works as advertised. If you need a good holster for the Ruger LCP, I highly recommend you give the DeSantis Nemesis a good hard look.

Until next time, stay safe by staying alert!
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