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Review: Side Guard holsters (page 1)
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By Dan S. Defense

High Quality Custom Holsters Built for Any Conceal Carry Handgun

Side Guard Holsters is a small business based in Twin Cities, Minnesota. Erik, the owner of Side Guard Holsters, had a hard time finding a holster that fit his lifestyle. Nothing new in that. If you carry a concealed handgun, you'll sympathize. Like Erik and me, you probably have a box or two full of holsters that disappointed you, next to the very small box that has a hand full of keepers. Side Guard Holsters is named after the inner side "tab" protection, which buffers the gun from your body. It keeps the concealed carry experience on the comfortable side.

Side Guard Holsters offers several styles to choose from, and say that they can build you a holster for pretty much any handgun. I had an odd length revolver which I couldn't find a proper holster for. I ran across a Forum post that mentioned Side Guard Holsters as a possible choice. In this review I'll cover my selection process, the ordering experience and most importantly, the concealed carry experience of an N frame 45 ACP S&W revolver, riding in a Side Guard Holster-- in both strong and weak side.

My Smith & Wesson 325PD Crimson Trace is a funny N frame. It's chambered for 45 ACP and built from Scandium. The "funny" bit is the unusual 2 3/4 inch barrel. I wanted a right handed holster with a cant, and a left handed holster without a cant. I also wanted to have snaps to allow for easy on/off experience.

I searched and searched but couldn't find anything that met my needs. I eventually got a hit on Side Guard Holsters in a Forum. The poster didn't own one but knew of a man, who knew of a man who liked it. With such a warm recommendation, I set out to seek and find the Side Guard Holster web site.

The web site loaded quickly and I liked the personalized message that greeted me, the future customer, and decided to explore it further. Since I knew exactly what I wanted, I started in the product description and found a possible match. I then looked at customer provided pictures and liked what I saw.

Next, I opened the email application form to see that the wait time was about 6 weeks--much shorter than I anticipated for a custom holster. I filled the application with my exact requirements and sent it to Erik. I received a polite and prompt response, sent a check in the mail and got a follow-up from Erik when the check arrived at his address. Time passed by, and just as promised, I got mail with a shipment notification.
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