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Blade Tech knife review
Blade Tech Hunter Lite
Knife Review

By Dan S. Defense

Blade Tech is mostly known for making holsters for a large variety of handguns. Less known are the Blade Tech knifes, which are designed by Tim Wegner, and sold from the Blade Tech website. In this review we'll look at the Blade Tech Wegner Professional Hunter Lite pocket knife. The Blade Tech Pro Hunter Lite is a serious folding knife with an unassuming form factor.

As you can see in the picture, it doesn't seem to be very impressive and yet the Blade Tech Pro Hunter Lite can cut through just about anything you'd expect a much larger knife to cut. After reading this article you'll know about the makeup of the Blade Tech Pro Hunter Life, we well as how well the Blade Tech Pro Hunter Lite performs in real life, and be able to determine if the BladeTech Pro Hunter Lite is right for your needs.

The Blade Tech Pro Hunter Life comes in two flavors: Plain edge and serrated edge. Since I wanted a blade that could be used for camping, as well as vehicle emergency situations, I opted for the serrated edge Pro Hunter Lite because it offer superior cutting power when dealing with ropes and seat belts.

The Blade Tech Pro Hunter Lite has an exceedingly sharp blade. It looks plain and unimpressive but it's very sharp. I unwillingly tested and verified the last statement by accidently dropping the Pro Hunter Life (not too bad) and instinctively grabbing it by the blade (very bad). The 440C hollow ground steel blade made a deep cut and drew lots of blood. As I said, it is very sharp and you need to keep that in mind at all times.

The Blade Tech Pro Hunter Lite is relatively small and works well for camping as well as daily carry. In the North West area that I live in (near Seattle), there's a law or general perception of some law that says that blades over 3.5" cause extra complications with the local police force. Since I carry at all times (apart being at work) and since this area is not gun friendly, I opt to carry a blade that fits within the area's knife rule.

The Blade Tech Pro Hunter Lite has a 3.5" blade and seems quite ordinary and therefore makes a perfect "Seattle area" carry knife. The 3.5" blade is about 0.12" think (1/8 inch) and it has a Blade tech V hole which makes it easy to manipulate with one hand. I mentioned that this is a smaller knife, and more specifically, it is 8" long when fully open and only 4.5" when it is closed.

The Blade Tech Pro Hunter Lite used a back lock construction, a favorite of mine and it has an ambidextrous pocket clip which uses 3 small screws and can be adjusted to your favorite carrying position. I sometimes change the position of the pocket clip, when I carry a larger hiking knife, and move the Blade Tech Pro Hunter Lite to the other side as backup. The Blade Tech Pro Hunter Lite is small in size and weight since it only weights 4 oz.

We spoke about the blade but what about the handle? The back end is made from what Blade Tech calls FRN, which stands for Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon. To make it easy to grip with wet or sweaty hands, Blade Tech gave it the same texture as found on G 10 grips. As an aside, G 10 texture helps with better grip on several different items and I find it helpful on my handguns too.

In summary, the Blade Tech Pro Hunter Lite is a small and functional knife. With a 3.5" blade it works well in the Seattle area and still offers a very sharp and solid blade. With a weight of 4 oz. and only 4.5" carry size, it will disappear in your pocket until you need it. Finally, if the Blade Tech Pro Hunter Lite is too small for your needs, I'd recommend you look at the Blade Tech Pro Hunter, which has the same qualities as the lite version.

I find my Blade Tech Pro Hunter Lite to be very useful in daily carry. If you examine the pictures, on the top right hand side of the article, you'll notice wear on the edge. Still, even after using this knife for about a year, the edge is still very sharp and the knife works just as well as when I got it. If you want a serious, daily carry knife I highly recommend you give the Blade Tech Pro Hunter Lite as well as other Tim Wegner designs a hard look. I did and liked what I saw enough to buy one.
Until next time, stay safe by staying alert.

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