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Best Hunting Gear,
Accessory Reviews
By Dan S Defense
Review of TOPS Knives Sky Marshall: a Serious, Functional Hiking and Hunting Knife

TOPS knives are tough and well built. This review looks at the Sky Marshall. It's small, tough and sharp. It's easy to carry and can handle any job without showing wear. It was my first TOPS and the reason I bought a few more TOPS knifes.
TOPs knife review TOPS Knife Review: CQT Thunder Hawke

The CQT Thunder Hawke is a high quality, super sharp, manual folding knife from TOPS Knives. It's one of the most handsome and functional blades we've ever owned. Want to learn more about it? Read on.
Blade Tech Hunter Lite Knife Review

In this review we'll look at the Blade Tech Wegner Professional Hunter Lite pocket knife. The Blade Tech Pro Hunter-Lite is a serious folding knife with an unassuming form factor. I use it for daily carry
Practical hunting gear, equipment, accessories

How to Choose Practical Hunting Gear


Good hunting gear is critical to any successful hunting trip. In this article we'll examine different hunting gear and accessories--from hunting gear that will help you carry your gear, to hunting accessories that will help you send a stable and accurate shot. We'll cover hunting accessories for your rifle, as well as hunting accessories for your body and comfort. Our goal is to provide specific ideas for hunting gear and accessories that will help you be more efficient and comfortable in the field.

Bear Grylls knife review Bear Grylls Knife Review

Bear Grylls is a rare adventurer, who's capable of surviving in the harshest of places. Gerber is a company that builds strong working knives, for outdoor and military use. When Gerber and Bear teamed up, the outcome was a very interesting knife.
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  Handgun Reviews

In-depth handgun reviews ranging from pocket guns to combat revolvers and full-size semi-automatics. We'll evaluate each gun for accuracy and reliability and look at pros and cons, with the goal of giving you the information you need to make an informed decision when buying a gun.   
Handgun laser reviews Handgun Lasers

A handgun laser offers a tactical advantage in a threatening situation, as well as a great training tool. We'll review different types of lasers, discuss their applications, and see how to get the most out of them.  
Holster & Gun Accessory Reviews

A good holster is a critical component in a self defense equation, one that is often overlooked and seen as the place to save money. That assumption is incorrect. In fact, making your holster the weakest link in your self defense routine could get you killed. We will review holsters that will match the quality of the gun you selected, as well as gun sights and other gun accessories.   

Target Ammunition

Target ammunition is the ammo you will use most often. It will, therefore, need to be affordable, but also simulate your self defense bullets. Target ammunition costs less but shouldn't be the cheapest possible junk you can find to feed your high-quality gun.

Self Defense Ammunition

Self defense ammunition is a critical component in your self defense plan. It will be the only part of your gear that will make contact with the person trying to kill you. It will, therefore, need to be the very best that you can get.
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