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TOPS knife review
TOPS Knife Review:

By Dan S. Defense

The CQT Thunder Hawke is a manual folder knife. It's made by TOPS Knives, a well-known US based maker of high quality fixed and folder blades. While every TOPS blade is made to last, some are simply too long and too heavy for daily carry. The CQT Thunder Hawke is a folder that was made to be tough and yet easily ride in a jeans pocket. Let's take a close look at this winning tanto blade folder.

The CQT Thunder Hawke is a manual framelock folder knife. Unlike some spring assisted blade openers, which require a slight push to engage, this blade needs to be fully opened by the user. This makes this knife easier to carry in some jurisdictions, and also safer to carry in the eyes of those who had a spring assisted blade open in their pocket. This particular TOPS folder knife has a functional tanto blade, which is made of N690Co black cobalt vanadium steel. The blade says that it was made in Italy and carries the distinct TOPS logo.

The CQT Thunder Hawke has an interesting handle. It's built from very strong and very light Titanium and comes in two-tone, where one side is black and made of checkered G-10 (same material is used in our favorite 1911 grips) and the other side is exposed, gray Titanium. This two-tone look is quite unique and in our view quite handsome. The handle has a very nice and functional pocket clip, which works well and secures the knife to a pocket or vest.

The blade itself is a work of art. It's blade is 3.75" long, 0.140 thick and it's made from rock hard N690Co Black Cobalt Vanadium Steel. For those who care, it has a hardness of RC 58-60 (stronger than a rock) and the cutting edge runs 3.75" with your choice of plain edge or partially serrated edge. We mentioned that this is a great daily carry knife and for that you may want to know that it only weights 114g and that its overall length is only 4.875".

The CQT Thunder Hawke is as functional as it is handsome. We used it to cut anything from paper to para-cord to cartons and it did a great job in each and every case. The blade is very sharp, out of the box and ready to use. The finish is perfect and flawless. The weight and balance are ideal and this knife can easily be used for self-defense in case of emergency. We also noticed that despite using this blade often, the finish and edge both held up exceedingly well and even up close, this knife looks fairly new.

In summary, the CQT Thunder Hawke is a well-made knife. It's easy and safe to carry and it is highly functional is many different scenarios. It's a great looking tool that's well worth owning and if you are in the market for a daily carry folder, we highly recommend your give this TOPS folder a close look.
Until next time, stay safe by staying alert.

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