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+P 9mm Ammo Review
+P 9mm Ammunition Review
Corbon high Velocity
By Dan S. Defense

CorBon coined the term that "velocity is king!" From the popular and highly effective lead-free DPX line, to the traditional jacketed hollow point that started it all, the CorBon ammo design philosophy is centered on the belief that "higher energies enhance bullet performance and increase stopping power".

In this article we'll look at a classic 9mm load from CorBon. It's light, fast and it's been around long enough for folks to trust it.

The 115gr +P 9mm jacketed hollow point bullet is seated in a brass case. The primer is neatly seated and power is consistent from shot to shot. When fired from a handgun with a 4" barrel, this CorBon bullet is propelled toward the target at a velocity of 1350fps, which on impact releases an energy punch worth 466flbs.

The 115gr self defense ammo comes in a box of 20 cartridges and not 25, CorBon's way to keeping the price range closer to other brands. The ammunition itself is well packed and when properly stored, could last for many years in top condition.

Any self defense ammo which is labeled as high velocity (and actually delivers on the promise) is sure to produce pain on both sides of the barrel. The high velocity produces snappy recoil and unlike some of the cleaner burning cartridges from CorBon, this round produces some flash and smoke.

Now, snappy recoil and pain in this context are both very relative and subjective terms. Folks who read the work we write know that we prefer the 45 ACP to any other round. When compared to an average 45 ACP load, most 9mm ammo seems "soft" to shoot. To get a good feel, for the reaction this ammo would generate in someone who exclusively shoots 9mm ammo, I turned to my wife and her trusted SIG SAUER P229 SAS.

We went to the range, with a typical variety of weekend ammo, such as American Eagle and Fiocchi USA. When loading my wife's magazine I added a few +P rounds in different parts of her magazine stack and told her to describe the shooting experience of each and every round. That last request wasn't really necessary.

When she got to the CorBon loads, I noticed the increased muzzle signature, increased muzzle rise and louder noise. I was also proud to see that my wife's training served her well. With a good grip and great trigger control, she kept landing rounds on target but the CorBon bullets did open up a bit, but not in a significant manner for self defense accuracy.

Each CorBon cartridge in the two packages (total of 40 rounds) we took with us performed well. The ammo fed properly in the Custom Shop SIG SAUER P229, and then fired and ejected in a consistent and reliable manner. The muzzle signature, while being a bit stronger than usual was still not as strong as ammo loaded with lesser powers.

All in all, this round performed well in our testing, and while my wife prefers to carry CorBon DPX (based on Clint Smith's endorsement), she said that these rounds will do just fine in case of emergency. And I concur with both her choices.

In summary, this is a solid self defense choice from CorBon. This round is a bit snappy but it is consistent from shot to shot ,and not too hard to use, with proper grip and trigger control. Because of the traditional jacked hollow point design, this ammo can be bought for a good price and we'd submit that that would make it a great buy. If you are in the market for a hot 9mm load in +P we suggest you test this CorBon ammo in your self defense handgun to see if it is right for you.

Until next time, stay safe by staying alert.

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