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Best 9mm Ammo
Recommendations for Self Defense & Target Loads
By Dan S. Defense

Many folks use 9mm ammo for self defense and target shooting. Since 9mm ammo is very popular, there are many types and brand about, and choosing the right ammo can be confusing. Here we'll examine the question of which 9mm ammo is best for you.9mm ammo comes in all shapes and forms.

We have 9mm ammo which is focused on civilian self defense, allowing more efficient penetration through layered clothing. We have 9mm ammo that focuses on home defense, by offering less penetration of hard surfaces. We have 9mm ammo which is used by law enforcement agencies, and which is designed to deal with a great number of real life scenarios.

There's 9mm ammo with various hollow points, some with cores made of led, some that are bonded to reduce core separation, and some that are led free. We also have 9mm ammo in full metal jacket, as used by our armed forces and many allies. As you can see, just by looking at high level categories, we can see that there are several of options for 9mm ammo.

It is fair to say that 9mm ammo is very popular, for self defense, military usage and even mission specific roles. On top of these, we also have 9mm ammo for target shooting and outdoor plinking. With some many choices, which 9mm ammo is right for you?

We'll start with the source of your 9mm ammo. It is safe to say that all major vendors build 9mm ammo for self defense and plinking. In my view, 9mm ammo that's made in the USA, will be safe to use. It's highly unlikely that it will be corrosive and general quality will be high. It may cost a bit more, but for those who want to skip the process of researching the source, US made 9mm ammo is ideal. For example.

Winchester white box and Black Hills Ammunition. As you look at international 9mm ammo, you may be able to find good deals, but extra care must be taken. Make sure the ammo is made from good materials and that it is safe to use. Some international brands offer high quality ammunition, for example Sellier & Bellot makes very good 9mm ammo, which I use often. Find a good source and be sure your 9mm ammo is safe to use in your handgun.

Now, let focus on 9mm ammo bullet requirement, and see which 9mm ammo is good for self defense and which 9mm ammo is good for plinking. For self defense I use hollow points exclusively. Hollow points are move effective and offer less risk of over penetration. My 9mm ammo for self defense comes from Federal, Winchester, Speer and Corbon.

I use regular pressure 9mm ammo (i.e. not +P or +P+) and I prefer the heavier 9mm ammo, which means 147gr bullets. For self defense I also use 9mm ammo bullets with bonded cores, since they offer better weight retention that regular 9mm ammo that doesn't go through this bonding process.

Even now, when ammo in general is hard to find, 9mm ammo is still relatively easy to find and is reasonably priced. Keep in mind that the 9mm ammo that you choose will be the one coming out of your handgun to stop the threat.

So for self defense I like heavy, regular pressure, JHP 9mm ammo. For target, my requirements are much more relaxed. While I prefer to shoot similar ammunition, I'll get any good 9mm ammo for range usage. My range 9mm ammo is nearly always ball ammo of FMJ, except for the times that I practice with self defense 9mm ammo, to make sure I deal with the recoil properly and that my handgun still likes my 9mm ammo of choice.

9mm ammo is great for practice and self defense. The price of 9mm is lower than say the equivalent 45 ACP ammo, and that means more range time for less money. When I wanted to keep my range time up, despite being low on 45 ACP ammo, I turned to 9mm ammo as my main practice ammo. It kept me shooting at an acceptable price. So, as you can see 9mm ammo has several roles that it can play in keeping you safe.

Whichever type of 9mm ammo you select for self defense, make sure you shoot it at the range before using it as your carry ammo. Practice with your 9mm ammo of choice and learn to hit your target. I'll argue that at the end of the day, bullet placement will matter more than caliber or exact bullet make. That means that you shouldn't let anyone rubbish your 9mm ammo choice, as a poor self defense option.

Until next time, stay safe by staying alert!

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