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Best Self Defense Ammo:
The 45 ACP
By Dan S. Defense

In this article we'll look at the criteria for selecting 45ACP ammo for self defense, home defense and outdoor hikes. The goal is to allow you to identify the best possible 45ACP ammo for you. Since 45ACP ammo abounds, narrowing down the list will entails using clear requirements. The requirements for 45ACP ammo will be driven by scenarios.

This will help you narrow the field of available 45ACP ammo, despite the many brands and types, of current 45ACP ammo in the marketplace. In addition, a secondary goal is to share the selection criteria and allow you to adopt it. You may ask "why even consider 45ACP ammo?" and it is a good question. Let's take a quick look at the history of 45ACP ammo. It will serve as a base to build on.

The 45ACP (automatic Colt Pistol) was devised by John Browning in 1904. The 45ACP was built for a prototype handgun that is still with us today, but the salient point is that the 45ACP has been around for more than 100 years. In that time, 45ACP ammo was used worldwide to defend lives and freedom. 45ACP ammo was used by US troops in World War II and conflicts that took place since. 45ACP ammo is still used today in Iraq and Afghanistan by Special Forces.

The point is that over the years, the slower and heavier (relative term) 45ACP proved to be a reliable man stopper. It's sad to think of 45ACP ammo in such terms, but keep in mind that self defense ammunition is used to stop an imminent threat to you or loved ones. In that context, the 45ACP shines. Today, 45ACP ammo is used by Special Forces, the FBI's elite HRT (Hostage Rescue Team), police tactical teams (SWAT) and people who want an edge in self defense scenarios.

That does not negate the effectiveness of 9mm ammo. 45ACP ammo and 9mm ammo save lives every day. But only one can be better and I submit that 45ACP ammo is best for self defense. But 45ACP ammo isn't the only ammo to use for self defense. I own and sometimes carry 9mm handguns. My wife uses the 9mm exclusively. But, when we go hiking in some faraway place or when we go into the city at night, I prefer a 45ACP handgun with good 45ACP ammo. And now let's look at the first question --which 45ACP ammo is best for you. To answer that, we'll look at the requirements for 45ACP ammo and usage scenarios for 45ACP ammo.

Requirements for 45ACP ammo:

1. It must have the highest level of quality: it must always go bang when you pull the trigger.

2. It must be 100% reliable in your carry gun: it must always cycle and fire.

3. It must be controllable: the recoil generated by the cartridge must be manageable.

Usage scenarios for 45ACP ammo:

1. Home defense: think home invasion with imminent danger to family members.

2. Carry self defense: you are out and about in a city and are attacked by one or more people.

3. Outdoor hiking: you are in the middle of nowhere when you are attacked by an animal or human.

When you look at selecting the best 45ACP ammo, you can see that the requirements for the 45ACP ammo of choice are universal but, that usage scenarios aren't-they will be dictated by different needs. For example, 45ACP ammo for self defense will need to be mindful of over penetration, something that isn't a concern in the wilderness.

On the other hand, in the wilderness, you may be attacked by a large animal, something that isn't going to happen on a city street. It appears that our 45ACP ammo needs to work well in all scenarios. In reality you have two choices:

1. Get the best 45ACP ammo for each task. Exchange magazines as needed by scenario. Label some 45ACP ammo magazines as "hiking" and some as "home defense". Take the right one for the right job.

2. Get one type of ammo and deal with the tradeoffs. Focus on good bullet placement but be aware of the risk.

This will conclude the selection criteria article for the best 45ACP ammo. I suggest you examine the following brands/types of 45ACP ammo: Federal HST, Winchester Ranger, Cor-bon DPX, Speer Gold Dot and Black Hills ammunition. Apply the selection process and see which 45ACP ammo is best for you. Let me know if you want to see a more detailed look at specific self defense ammo.

Until next time, stay safe by staying alert!
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