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Best Self Defense Ammo
For Ruger LCP

By Dan S. Defense

The Ruger LCP is still a best-selling pocket handgun. The small size of the Ruger LCP makes it easy to carry and conceal, attributes that make it so popular. But the goal of any self defense handgun, even a pocket gun like the Ruger LCP, is to stop a life threatening attack. Let's take a look at the best self defense ammo for the Ruger LCP 380 ACP.

First, let's look at relevant traits in the Ruger LCP that will affect our self defense ammo selection. The Ruger LCP has relatively short contact surface. The magazine base offers a minimal extension for a decent grip. The LCP is very slim and folks with large hands or long fingers will find it challenging to grip well. Final the Ruger LCP has a very short barrel which makes ammo selection even more difficult.

The Ruger LCP is chambered for 380 ACP ammunition. Typical bullet weight will be about 90gr, and while lighter bullets typically mean less recoil, in this case the bullet is already fairly light. This leaves us velocity. A bullet with higher velocities will be more effective since it will produce more energy when it impacts the target. In addition, higher velocities in handguns with such short barrels will also contribute to proper bullet expansion and this is where we hit a dilemma.

For the Ruger LCP to deliver higher levels of personal protection, a self defense cartridge with high velocity is called for. This will increase stopping power and allow the 380 ACP, a cartridge that resides at the bottom of self defense efficiency table, to be more effective. But, as we know, higher velocity translates to more recoil and in a handgun that isn't easy to grip that could mean missing the target.

Therefore, the best self defense ammunition for the Ruger LCP is the highest velocity 380 ACP cartridge that you can control. In this context that means being able to hit a human sized target at 7 yards or less. To be comfortable with my choice of self defense ammo in the Ruger LCP, I'd want to be able to hit the target with each and every bullet and do so in fairly rapid fire. Find the ammo that enables you to do this and you found the best self defense ammo for the Ruger LCP.

We try to carry the Ruger LCP only as a backup weapon. When we do so we use Winchester Ranger T-Series cartridges. We also like 380 ACP ammunition that carries the Speer Gold Dot label and ammo from Cor-Bon. There are many other good brands and most known vendors, for example Hornady, make 380 ACP ammo that you can trust. We suggest buying a box of each brand, which will give you about 20 cartridges to test and see if that ammo works best for you and the LCP.

In summary, please consider that the best self defense ammo for the Ruger LCP is not the one with the best paper ballistics. The question is simple-can you hit your target effectively and repeatedly? You must be honest with yourself because your choice of ammunition may very well determine the outcome of a life threatening engagement. Choose wisely and choose well.

Until next time, stay safe by staying alert!
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