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Self defense ammunition Reviews
By Dan S. Defense
Choosing Self Defense Ammunition

Ammunition selection is critical. The bullet you choose will make contact with the threat that wants to harm you. It's the tip of your spear. There are many options out there. Here we'll see how to select the one that's best for you.
  Best Self Defense Ammo: The 45 ACP 

The 45 ACP is a strong self defense bullet. It has been around since 1904 and there are several available choices for self defense. Since your self defense handgun can fire one round at a time, we'll look at how to select the best 45 ACP ammo--for you!
  Best Self Defense Ammo: 9MM vs. 380 ACP

9mm ammo is very popular and so is 380 ACP ammo. While 380 ACP pocket handguns are beating sales records every day, 9mm handguns have been popular for many years. With both being so popular, we just have to see, which of them is best for self defense. 
Best Self Defense Ammo: Winchester Ranger Partition Gold 40

In this article, we'll look at the performance and capabilities, of the Winchester Ranger Partition Gold in 40 S&W cartridge. We'll see if it's really best for self defense carry and/or home defense.
Best Self Defense Ammo for Ruger LCP

The Ruger LCP is still a best-selling pocket handgun. It's small, light and easy to conceal. These attributes that make it popular but hard to shoot. Since this is a self defense handgun, let's see how to choose the best possible self defense ammo for it.
Best 9mm Ammo - Recommendations for Self Defense and Target Loads

Here we'll examine the question of which 9mm ammo is best for you. 9mm ammo comes in all shapes and forms. Let's look at them.
Wilson Combat Ammo Review  Wilson Combat Ammunition Review

Wilson Combat is renowned for high quality, custom 1911 handguns, as well as rifles and shotguns. But is their ammunition made to meet the same high bar? Read on and find out. 
  9mm vs. 45 ACP 

A Guide to Self-Defense Ammunition and Closer Look at the 9mm Vs. 45 ACP Age Old Struggle
Winchester law enforcement only ammo review Winchester Ranger T-Series LEO Ammo Review

A look at the powerful Winchester Ranger Law Enforcement ammo line.
Federal HST +P 9mm In-depth Ammo Review

The Federal HST Tactical Bonded ammunition is highly effective, accurate and deadly. Its performance speaks for itself.
Hornady TAP FPD ammo review Hornady TAP FPD +P 45ACP In-depth Ammunition Review

Let's take an in-depth look at Hornady TAP FPD +P .45ACP self defense ammunition.
40 S&W vs. 45 ACP Best Self Defense Ammo: The 40 S&W Vs. 45 ACP

In this article we'll look at the 45 ACP and 40 S&W to see which is better for your needs.
+P 9mm ammo review Cor Bon +P 9mm Ammo Review

CorBon designs and manufacturers high quality self defense and hunting ammo. CorBon specializes in high velocity ammunition, and in this article we'll look at a hot +P 9mm self defense load. We'll cover data points and hands-on range session testing. 
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