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Target Ammunition reviews
By Dan S. Defense
9mm vs. 45 ACP 

A Guide to Self-Defense Ammunition and Closer Look at the 9mm Vs. 45 ACP Age Old Struggle.
Wilson Combat Ammo Review  Wilson Combat Ammunition Review

Wilson Combat is renowned for high quality, custom 1911 handguns, as well as rifles and shotguns. But is their ammunition made to meet the same high bar? Read on and find out.
How to find 380 ACP Ammunition

How to Find 380 ACP Ammo

380 ACP ammo is nearly impossible to find. As 380 ACP pocket guns continue to sell at an unprecedented rate, so does the ammo that feeds them and folks end up with self defense handguns they can't use. This article will help you find what you need.
Fiocchi Ammo Review
© WikimediaCommons
Fiocchi Ammunition Review

Fiocchi ammunition is affordable and relatively easy to find. Often a box of 50 rounds of Fiocchi ammunition will cost less than a typical box of 20-25 rounds. But are there trades-offs here? If you want to learn more about Fiocchi ammo-read on!
Best 9mm Ammo - Recommendations for Self Defense and Target Loads

Here we'll examine the question of which 9mm ammo is best for you. 9mm ammo comes in all shapes and forms. Let's look at them.
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In-depth shotgun reviews ranging from home defense to hunting.   
Handgun laser reviews Handgun Lasers

A handgun laser offers a tactical advantage in a threatening situation, as well as a great training tool. We'll review different types of lasers, discuss their applications, and see how to get the most out of them.  
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In-depth look at black rifles for self defense and hunting, with range reports and pictures. We'll evaluate each rifle for reliability and accuracy and provide detailed information that will help you make informed buying decisions.
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Handgun Reviews 

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