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Should You Buy a Gun?

Why should people bring a gun into their homes? Because a gun equalizes unequals, it changes the balance of power when life-or-death is a matter of seconds—and the police are only minutes away. The first line of defense is you!
  Firearms for Beginners: The First Step

Up to now my articles focused on advanced operators and skilled firearms owners. A good soul reminded me that there are people new to firearms that want to learn the basics. This series is dedicated to Bethany and paves the road to self defense. 
  Firearms for Beginners: The Second Step

In this article we'll look at firearms which are suitable for new owners. We'll provide a taxonomy that will help you select the best firearm for your needs and offer several specific recommendations for you to examine further. 
  Pros and Cons of Choosing a Revolver

There are many choices for Self Defense Handguns. Today we'll look at the revolver. We'll see if it could just be the best self defense handgun--for you. 
Choosing the Best Handgun for You: A Closer Look at Semi-Automatic Handguns

In this article we'll look at the pros and cons of using a semi-automatic handgun for self defense. We see if it is truly the best self-defense handgun--for you! And, we also have nice pics for you to look at!
Best Handguns for Women

When men buy guns for women, they typically buy a gun they like, and then bring it home with a smile that soon disappears, as the "perfect gift", is deemed unsuitable. To avoid this, read our top 5 options for the title of "best handgun for women".
Best Handguns for Home Defense

I often get asked which handgun is best for home defense. Since the answer is never the same, let's look at the factors that you need to consider, as you seek the best handgun for home defense. We'll examine the scenario and proceed from there.
Best Handgun Caliber

There are several handgun calibers, and just as many views, as to which is deemed "the best handgun caliber". In this article, we'll take a logical look at each of the most popular calibers, examine them in real life scenarios, and decide which is best.
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