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Best Guns Under $500

Best guns under $500 offers several choices for strong self defense handguns. As you'll see, you can get affordable, quality self defense handguns for a very reasonable price. Each one of the choices listed here ought to keep you safe and secure.
Best Guns for Summer Carry

Its summer and it's hot. You want to carry a handgun for self defense, but you don't want to wear extra layers to conceal your handgun. So, which guns can you carry on a hot day? Read on and you'll discover the best guns for summer carry.
Becoming a Better Handgun Shooter

It's fascinating to see how many bullets go down range but how few hit the target. This observation spurred this article about becoming better shooters. We'll look at a few simple techniques that are sure to increase your efficiency as a shooter
45 ACP Model 1911 -- 100 Years of Excellence!

The model 1911 is iconic. From action in World War II to combat today in Iraq and Afghanistan, it's still going strong. We'll look how it faced similar enemies in the past and present, and why it's still relevant today.
Building the Best Custom 1911 Firearm

When you build a custom handgun, a one of a kind if you will, the finished product will only exist in your mind, until the building process is done. Read this to see how to design the ideal 1911 for your specific needs, within your budget price.
Best Guns for Home

I often get asked which handgun is best for home defense. Since the answer is never the same, let's look at the factors that you need to consider, as you seek the best handgun for home defense. We'll examine the scenario and proceed from there.
Customizing a Custom Gun

My Les Baer SRP could no longer met my needs, for home defense, and self defense. Let's see how new scenarios, raised requirements for significant modifications. We'll see how Robbie Barkman rebuilt the SRP to exceed my requirements.
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