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How to Build an Ideal Custom 1911 Handgun

When you build a custom handgun, a one of a kind if you will, the finished product will only exist in your mind, until the building process is done. Read this to see how to design the ideal 1911 for your specific needs, within your budget price.
Handguns & Firearms for Self Defense

We'll look at firearms in general and handguns in particular, as self defense tools. It explores weapon selection for legal concealed carry and home defense. We'll talk about weapons as tools - not good nor evil - just tools.
Five Best Gifts for Soldiers Heading Overseas

We have troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. This article is not about these wars. It is about the men and woman who are sent to fight them. What do you get a dear friend who's about to head out overseas. Let's look at 5 gifts for every budget.
Five Best Gifts for Shooters

Buying gifts for other people isn't typically easy. It's even harder to buy someone a gift for something you don't really understand. Here I'll supply five specific ideas for affordable gift that are sure to make a shooting friend happy!
Kimber with custom paint How to Customize a Production Gun

Production handguns are affordable but generic. They all look the same. After shooting it for a while, you wish it had extra features--the ones you want. So how do you turn a mass produced handgun into a custom work of art? Read this article to find out.

Budget Self Defense Hanguns Budget Self Defense Handguns

As more and more law abiding citizens turn to firearms for self defense, the need for budget guns increases. The US economy continues to struggle, unemployment remains high and employers cut or freeze wages. let's look at quality budget guns.
Robar revolver with custom mother of pearl gun grips Are Revolvers Archaic or Obsolete?

Revolvers have been around for a long time. Some say they are obsolete and archaic. Some say the same about the people who carry them for self defense. Is it true? Is it time to give up on revolvers as self defense tools?
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