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  Robar Companies Custom Springfield XD Tactical 45 ACP Handgun

Robbie Barkman is an artist that specializes in firearms. In this article, I'll share the transformation of a production XD Tactical into a functioning work of art. It's the story of the Robar XD package, built on a 45 XD Tactical by Robbie Barkman. 
Review: Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Class

The state of Utah offers a concealed firearm permit to non-resident citizens. This article will focus on the The 4-hour class mandated by the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification. I took this class at the Insights Training Center
How to Refinish Your Firearm Magazines

Magazines feed your firearm and supply the most essential ingredient-bullets. Since we hike, hunt and carry guns and magazines everywhere, we need to protect out kit. So, should you refinish your magazines? Let's see why and how to do so.
How to Sell a Gun Online

This article will help you turn unwanted firearms into cash. We'll explain how to price a gun you want to sell and how to execute an online gun sale in a safe and efficient manner.
How to Buy a Gun online
This article explains how to buy a firearm on-line. If you are an experienced firearm owner and would like to expand you shopping options, at a reduced cost, you should read this article and share it with like minded individuals.
How to Buy a Gun at a Gun Show

Gun Shows are places were vendors, private sellers and customers get together to exchange goods. This article will offer sound advice on how to safely buy a firearm in a gun show and how to assure you are getting a good deal.
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