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Pros & Cons of
Choosing a Revolver

By Dan S. Defense

You've considered the implications of owning a Self Defense Handgun. You know that you have a moral right to defend yourself and your loved ones. You understand the moral and legal ramification of owning a Self Defense Handgun. Now, the question of how to choose the Best Self Defense Handgun is up for consideration. This, the first article in a series, will help you narrow down the possible choices and offer a few thoughts on proper handgun selection.

There are many choices for Self Defense Handguns. You can consider revolvers or semi-automatic Self Defense handguns .You can consider smaller, easy to carry handguns or larger ones. You can consider smaller or larger calibers. You have several choices for cartridge capacity, which will depend on your thoughts as well as the local laws of your chosen home.

As you can see, you can and must consider many things. But what are truly the most important points that will help you select the Best handgun? What is best for you? Since there are so many choices, we need to narrow down the list, to arrive at a much more manageable set of options. Today we will look at the revolver.

The revolver is a simple mechanical device, that hold some set number of cartridges in a cylinder. Revolvers fall into two buckets: -single action and double action. ,Single action means that you must first cock the hammer and only then pull the trigger to make the gun go bang. Think guns of the old west here. In the second bucket we have the double action revolver which allows you to fire single action, or, simply pull the trigger and the gun will go bang.

Revolvers are considered to be very reliable and easy to operate by novice operators. There are no mechanical safety levels to disengage, no de-cockers to hit, no magazine release buttons or slide stop. You have a trigger and when you'll pull it, when the cylinder is loaded, it will go bang. Simple as simple can be.

Taking a closer look, as you pull the trigger, the cylinder turns and when the hammer falls on a loaded cartridge, it goes bang. If the cartridge that's currently being used won't work, you simple pull the trigger again and it ought to go bang then --very simple way to deal with a common failure to fire. And that ability is a a big advantage in a self defense handgun, since under immense stress and pressure, fine motor skills suffer greatly as well as your memory.

I have seen soldiers, good men but new to action, fumble with their weapon, unable to fire because they forgot to release their safety. They handled their failure to fire but loading a fresh round, only to see it fail again. You may find it silly and wonder how they didn't notice the difference in trigger "feel", but when your body floods you with adrenaline, clear thinking is impaired and your focus shifts to the man who's trying to kill you.

In any case, and back to our discussion, this won't happen with a revolver. If you place your sights on the target with a loaded revolver, with good self defense ammunition, it's almost certain (nothing never is certain when it comes to self-defense), that pulling the trigger will send your bullet of choice toward the life-threatening villain. This, in my mind, is the best argument for using a revolver as a self defense handgun.

But, and there's always a but, revolvers have affixed number of cartridges. When you run out of ammunition, you'll need to disassemble your fighting gun to reload it again. It takes skill and practice to reload a revolver efficiently, when adrenaline makes your hand sweat, your heart race and your vision less than ideal. This, in my mind, is the strongest argument against using a revolver as a self defense handgun.

So... your first choice, your first step on the road for finding the best self defense gun, is to decide between a higher level of reliability in an average weapon and averagely trained operator, and, more difficult reload for the same operator. Keep in mind that very few people can shoot and reload as Jerry Miculek (search for his name and you-tube video-you'll be amazed).

If you want to know what I opted to do, I'll tell you in confidence that I cheated --I usually carry a S&W revolver to backup my primary self defense semi-automatic. My solution to this first of 5 steps to finding the right self defense handgun.

Next time we'll discuss the semi-automatic self defense handgun.

Until then, stay safe by being alert!

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