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Should You Buy A Gun? 

By Dan S. Defense

Buy a Gun?

Why should people bring a gun into their homes? Because a gun equalizes unequals, it changes the balance of power when life-or-death is a matter of seconds—and the police are only minutes away. The first line of defense is you!

We buy life insurance to provide for our loved ones if we should die. And we keep a gun in case we should ever be faced with mortal danger to ourselves or those who rely on us to protect them.

Interestingly, nations that have made it illegal for private people to defend their homes with guns have seen a sharp rise in crime; e.g.: Australia with a 45% increase in armed robberies, and England with an almost 50% rise in gun crimes. Japan with the world’s strictest gun controls still suffers from a murder rate similar to that of Switzerland, one of the most gun-intensive societies on earth.

Inside the US: murder rates in Washington, DC, went up after its gun ban, while they dropped elsewhere in the country. When Kennesaw, Georgia, passed a law requiring every household to have a gun, crime dropped in the vicinity, especially violent crimes. It’s hard to measure how many crimes were prevented by private ownership of guns; after all, who reports a crime that didn’t happen?

If You Decide to Buy a Gun—

A gun in itself will not save your life. As you would take driving lessons before getting on the road, so you should learn how to select and operate your gun.

Take advice from an expert before selecting the gun that’s right for you and the appropriate ammunition, depending on scenario. Find out if a laser or other accessories could benefit you. Learn gun-handling rules, proper grip, trigger control and target acquisition. Finally, practice at least once a month to keep up your skill. This automation-by-practice will keep you focused in a stressful situation.

Recommended viewing: Myth: Gun Control Reduces Crime (John Stossel)

Myth: Gun control reduces crime

Until next time, stay safe by staying alert!
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