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Handgun Reviews
By Dan S. Defense (Page 3)
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Ruger 357 Magnum Revolver Review

The 357 Magnum is known for being powerful and deadly. In this review we will look at a Ruger 357 Magnum, the GP100 that you can use for self defense carry, home defense and hunting small game. 
Robar Companies Custom Springfield XD Tactical 45 ACP Handgun

Robbie Barkman is an artist that specializes in firearms. In this article, I'll share the transformation of a production XD Tactical into a functioning work of art. It's the story of the Robar XD package, built on a 45 XD Tactical by Robbie Barkman. 
Smith & Wesson Model 442 Airweight Review

As we get closer to summer, the notion of a potent yet easy to conceal handgun becomes more appealing. Let's look at the Smith & Wesson Model 442 Airweight and look at relevant data points, a range report and carry ammo.
SIG SAUER P232 Stainless Review

The SIG SAUER P232 Stainless stands out as an unusually SIG SAUER handgun. It's the smallest 380 ACP SIG SAUER and it's built differently since it uses a fixed barrel blowback action, just like the Walther PPK. Read this for a closer look.
Kimber Pro Crimson Carry II, Gun Review

Kimber is well-known for making 1911 pistols, high quality hunting rifles and less than lethal personal safety devices. Let's take a look at a model 1911 that was built as a high value handgun -the Kimber Pro Crimson Carry II.
Micro Desert Eagle 380 ACP Review

Magnum Research is know for producing the mighty Desert Eagle and other high power weapons. Their product are typically large and chambered for very powerful cartridges. Let's look at their entry into the pocket 380 ACP gun market.
SIG SAUER Review Custom Shop Platinum Elite Models 226 & 229

SIG SAUER is known for making fighting guns. From Special Operations to Federal agencies, the SIG SAUER name offers quality and dependability. But what about stunning good looks? A firearm you can collect, shoot and show-off? Read on and see.
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Self Defense Ammunition

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