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Les Baer SRP Gun Review Range Report, Pictures
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By Dan S. Defense

Looking at the internals of the SRP was just as pleasing as looking at the fine, external workmanship. This handgun was built by folks who knew what they were doing, and more than that, by people who took great pride in their work. I lubricated the SRP with a few drops of oil, put everything back together again and headed for the range.

This is where the SRP shined and even impressed me. I knew beforehand that the Swift Response Pistol (SRP) was guaranteed to shoot 21/2" groups at 50 yards. I also knew that it was test fired with Federal 230 grain Hydra-Shok ammo and Remington Sabre 230 grain HP rounds. I personally prefer the Federal HST 230 grain HP rounds, the Winchester Ranger T Series 230 grain HP ammo, and the Winchester Ranger Bonded 230 grain HP rounds.

Because I intended to carry the SRP, I had to be sure that my self defense ammo would work well with it, and to me that means 100% success with about 100 rounds of my carry ammo. Because of the current ammunition shortage and the price of each box, I used one 50 round box from each type of my self defense ammo, for a combined total of 150 rounds of HP rounds.

The premium checkered Cocobolo grips offered a solid base for my grip, and it kept the SRP in place during single and double tap drills. My grip was aided by the checkered front strap, probably the best feeling 30 LPI (Lines Per Inch) checkering I have ever used, which didn't hurt my hand at all.

The SRP fit perfectly in my palm, and with a firm grip I felt that the beavertail safety, via the pad, was disengaged without effort or any need for grip readjustment. The fixed combat sights were dead-on and easy to see and use, and the Tritium inserts in the front and rear sights had good white outline around them, so they were visible in the well-lit range.

Again, from doing research beforehand I knew all about the work Les Baer does to increase reliability: complete tactical action job, lowered and flared ejection port, fitted and tuned extractor, dehorned for painless and snag free carry; and combining all of this work with a skilled hand that tuned the SRP for total reliability. But knowing and experiencing are not the same.

I loaded the magazines that came with the Swift Response Pistol (SRP) and went to work. The first Federal HST was dead center at about 50 feet. The Baer match trigger was as good as the rest of the SRP components. It was about 4lb of goodness. The SRP trigger was smooth, crisp and had no creep.

The rest of the bullets produced a tight group and the biggest challenge was focusing on the front sight and not on the target, keeping my curiosity and pace in check. I came home with a red palm and somewhat swollen hands, but my spirit was uplifted, and I was delighted with my new self defense carry handgun--the Swift Response Pistol (SRP).

For concealed carry I ordered a new holster from Jerry Haugen, of Haugen Handgun Leather, which is located in Bismarck, North Dakota. He made several superb holsters for me in the past and the SRPeserved the very best. 

In the meanwhile I "borrowed" the Wilson Combat SuperGrade holster and took my dogs for a walk. Weight wise it felt no different than my other 1911 handguns. The grip offers a solid hold as I practiced the initial stage of presentation. For several weeks the SRP served as my only primary carry gun. Since then, I have put it back in rotation with other special 1911 mates from Wilson Combat and Nighthawk Custom.

In summary, the Swift Response Pistol (SRP) is a superb weapon, crafted by talented artisans who take great pride in their work. It is one of the most accurate handguns in my collection and it rock solid reliable. It's unassuming and lacks any fancy features, but it has everything a person serious about self defense needs, and it's perfect "as is", right out of the box.

If you look at the pictures at the upper right hand side of the article, you'll notice that some pictures show the SRP with fancy grips. In other pictures the SRP wears the original grips that came with it from Baer Custom. I carry and use the Les Baer Swift Response Pistol (SRP), just as it came out of the box, with its simple Cocobolo grips. And every time I take the SRP to the range, I'm always amazed at how well it shoots. Therefore, I'd submit that this weapon is well worth its price tag, and if you are in the market for a high end 1911, I highly recommend you give this fine handgun from Baer Custom a good, hard look.

ntil next time, stay safe by being alert!

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