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Les Baer SRP Gun Review Range Report, Pictures

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By Dan S. Defense

Les Baer Swift Response Pistol Based on the FBI HRT 1911 Project

The Les Baer Swift Response Pistol (SRP) is a solid, no nonsense combat 1911. The Les Baer SRP is a full size 1911 built on the lessons learned from Les Baer's pursuit of the FBI Hostage Rescue Team (HRT). As a fighting 1911, the SRP is focused on a single task—keeping you alive when a situation deteriorates quickly.

The Les Baer Swift Response Pistol lacks niceties and custom features that contribute only to beauty. The Swift Response Pistol is a black 1911 that's accurate, reliable and tough.

But, with an MSRP of $2490.00 for the base SRP (July 2010), it's quite expensive. Is it worth the money? Is it highly accurate and completely reliable? Will I need to add any additional and expensive features to the base SRP? What's it like to shoot the SRP? We'll answer all these questions and also supply information on its features, range report with high end self defense ammunition, and overall ownership experience.

Because the Les Baer Swift Response Pistol, as its name implies, was built to address life threatening situations with speed and efficiency, every feature has a specific purpose to meet that goal.

The SRP is a 1911 that has everything you must have, out of the box, and no other feature is needed for self defense. Les Bear doesn't over use the word tactical and doesn't over-hype his products. The Les Baer website says this about the Swift Response Pistol (SRP): "Ultimately, everyone who needs to carry a pistol for tactical use or who keeps a pistol for self defense wants something that's completely reliable, uncannily accurate, powerful enough to deal with any situation, and familiar as an old shoe."

That was a tough bill to fill until Les Baer introduced his 1911 S.R.P., an uncompromising single stack performer." And from my ownership experience I can attest that that description is accurate.

The Swift Response Pistol (SRP) comes in a fancy wood box, with a glass cover and blue velvet material, on which the handgun rests. That's the first and last fancy thing you can expect to get with this gun. When you take the SRP out of the box and hold it, getting a good hold on the simple, yet finely finished wood grips, you get a sense that this 1911 is different. It feels good and balanced.

The misleading simple, unassuming black Baer coat finish, protects a fine weapon that radiates quality. From the Baer steel frame and slide, which are expertly fitted by hand to feel like a single entity; to the fine front and rear serration that make it easy to grip the slide, even with wet and sweaty hands—serrations deep enough to get a good grip but not too rough as to slice the skin; this weapon is perfectly made and finished.

I couldn't wait to take the SRP to the range and try it out. As a general rule, I always disassemble new handguns and lubricate them properly, before taking them to the range. The SRP was no different and being my first Les Baer, I was in for a bit of a surprise. The Swift Response Pistol (SRP) is a tight gun. It's a very tight gun. I knew Les Baer was known for making tight handguns, but when I wasn't able to disassemble the SRP because the barrel bushing wouldn't let go of the barrel, realized or rather learned the hard way, the definition of a tight Les Baer. It took fine oil and lots of moving the slide back and forth, before I was able to take the SRP bushing off.
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