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Gun Review: Smith & Wesson 325PD Revolver "Pocket Gun"

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By Dan S. Defense

High Tech Pocket Self Defense Handgun with 45 ACP Ammo

In this review we'll take a close look at the 45 ACP S&W 325PD Crimson Trace self defense revolver. You can think of it as a pocket handgun in 45 ACP. A pocket gun no one will confuse with pocket "mouse gun". For completeness, we'll also look at the history of S&W before proceeding to review interesting data points, a range report and finally, a summary report of the experience of taking the S&W 325PD on a conceal carry walkabout.

Smith & Wesson has been in business since 1852.
While ownership and leadership changed over the years, the Smith & Wesson remained unchanged and well know name. In fact, S&W is even familiar to folks who are not heavily involved with firearms. It seems to be a brand name that's rooted in the history of our country, law enforcement and armed law abiding citizens.

The movie industry also helped in making Smith & Wesson a house hold name. Most everyone recalls the Harry, the 44 Magnum carrying detective from the 70s. But how did it all start and why is it relevant to this review of the 45 ACP S&W 325PD? And can you really have a 45 ACP pocket gun?

S&W started with two friends, after whom the company is still named--Horace Smith & Daniel B. Wesson. Interestingly, they formed a partnership to build a lever action repeating...handgun. That venture failed to make money and they sold the business to Oliver Winchester. He took their design, improved on it and built the Winchester Repeating Arms Company--a story for a different review.

Fortunately for us, Smith & Wesson didn't give up, and in 1854 they patented the "modern" revolver, which went into the market place in 1870. It started an industrious venture. The revolver that we will look at today is a descendant of the famous revolvers that rode on law enforcement officers hips for many decades. The history is relevant to this review because such rich history also means that the revolver has been around for quite a while--the revolver is indeed old. But I said this review is about a high tech pocket self defense handgun...?

The 45 ACP S&W 325PD Crimson Trace (CT) is a modern, high tech revolver. Smith & Wesson used modern, high tech metals to combine light weight, with a cylinder that can easily handle powerful 45 ACP self defense ammunition. The light weight is derived from the use of the scandium alloy frame, and the ability to handle self defense loads comes from the titanium cylinder.

Add to that a Crimson Trace laser grip and a fiber optic, light gathering sight from HiViz up front, and an adjustable sight in the rear and you get a powerful, light and very high tech revolver. In this review we'll look at some data points and then see how the S&W PD325 shoots and carries.
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