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Ruger LCR Gun Review

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By Dan S. Defense

The Ruger Lightweight Compact Revolver (LCR)

Ruger calls the LCR "THE EVOLUTION OF THE REVOLVER". The Ruger Lightweight Compact Revolver (LCR) is a lightweight, double-action only, high tech revolver that's made from space age materials.

Despite The Ruger LCR's small size and weight, it is a great shooting compact pocket revolver, because of its amazing trigger. The Ruger LCR is the focus of this review. We will cover background data, dimensions and materials as well as real life range report and look at ammo and accessories for the Ruger LCR. You can also see nice pictures at the top of the article.

The Ruger LCR is lightweight. At only 13.5 ounce, this small frame pocket revolver will disappear in your pocket and you won't feel it is there. Yes, it is that light and it is also small. It has a short barrel (1.875") , an overall length of just 6.50" and a minimal height: 4.50". With a good pocket holster and a proper pair of shorts, this little fellow will become "invisible" to others and hardly noticeable for you.

The Ruger LCR is high tech and full of innovation. It won the prestigious Academy of Excellent 2009 Gun of the Year as well as the 2010 NRA's American Rifleman Handgun of the Year. These awards are fully warranted and are derived from the innovative features that come together to make a brand new type of revolver. Let's look at the different components and their materials.

The Ruger LCR fire-control housing is made from Polymer. This achieves a few goals. First, it makes the unit light since Polymer has little weight but plenty of strength. Second, it keeps all the parts in their proper place and maintains their dimensional relationship.

If you remove the grip from a typical revolver, be it a Ruger GP100 or a S&W model 442, you will see a spring and a set of parts that make up the fire-control unit. You'll notice that in those two revolvers, the parts are made from some type of steel. But, when you remove the grips from the Ruger LCR, you see a self contained "plastic" unit with a few five shiny circular, metal dots which are embedded in the Polymer unit. It looks different and it feels different. In addition, Ruger says that the LCR's fire-control unit helps tame recoil.

The Ruger LCR trigger is simply amazing. If you ever fired a mass produced, double action only revolver, you'll know that the trigger pull is terrible. it is hard, inconsistent and feels endless. To get a good double action trigger, a good gunsmith and a small bundle of money is required. That's been the case until Ruger engineered the LCR trigger differently. Ruger built a friction reducing cam, in the fire-control unit that makes the trigger pull consistent and surprisingly smooth. It feels that the pressure is consistent, from the point you start pulling the trigger, until it breaks and the LCR goes bang. It is my personal favorite feature in this pocket gun.

The Ruger LCR uses a monolithic frame which supports both the barrel and the five round cylinder. The frame itself is very light and appears to be very strong. It is said that the frame helps absorb some of the recoil, something that is most welcome in a small, lightweight revolver.

We'll talk about other recoil reducing features a bit later but the monolithic frame also takes two different types of cylinders, which vary based on the LCR caliber of choice. In the 38 Special LCR the cylinder is made from aerospace grade 7000 series aluminum and in the 357 Magnum LCR the cylinder is made from blacked 400 series stainless steel. In both configuration the frame is solid and feels just right.
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