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Springfield XD(m) 9mm gun review

Springfield Armory XD(m) 9mm Gun Review

By Dan S. Defense

Springfield Armory released the XD(m), an upgraded version of its successful XD line, and proved that great guns can be made better.

The version we'll examine in this gun review is the full size 9mm XD(m). We'll look at interesting data points, see how it compares with the original, Springfield XD and then dive into a range report and ammo selection for range sessions, home defense and concealed carry.

The XD(m) started its life in the US with a marketing blitz. With the hype generated around it, many thought and I'll admit to being one of them, that this handgun will be good, but fall short of the grand expectations set forth on any handgun print and online publication. It was great to be proven wrong. I made up my for my skepticism with the purchase of two XD(m) handguns, one of which was for my wife, to supplement her trusted SIG SAUER P229 SAS.

Public awards soon followed, to acknowledge the XD(m)'s excellence, and after some time, the line was expanded to cover additional calibers and form factors. So what's special about the XD m) in general and the XD(m) 9mm in particular?

The original Springfield XD was a rock solid duty handgun. It wasn't pretty or elegant but it shot well and proved to be a reliable work horse. But it was a fairly basic production handgun and people like me, who want to get the most out of their weapons, ended up customizing them. I had my XD sent to Robar for a complete makeover and it is still one of the jewels of my collection.

This process, however, is expensive and typically costs more than the original handgun. With the XD(m) Springfield Armory added the most attractive upgrades-match grade barrel, much better ergonomics, better sights and more refined trigger and packaged it all in a moderately to low priced weapon. By maintain reliability and increasing features and overall appeal (yes, it even looks better than the XD), Springfield Armory created a winner.

When management at Springfield selected Clint Smith to evaluate their new XD(m), and when he agreed, despite it being a 9mm, an air of respectability was added to the line. That's when I got my first XD(m), knowing that Clint Smith will never endorse anything but a strong handgun.

The full size XD(m) comes with a 4.5" barrel which resides in a forged steel slide, and rides a black polymer frame. It has dovetail front and rear sights, both made from steel which feature the traditional 3 dot system. Both the front and rear sights have easy to see, large white dots, which can easily be swapped out with night sights.

The factory trigger pull on my XD(m) was set to about 6.5 lb., which got better over time. The barrel and slide have a proprietary Melonite finish, which resists the elements well, but scratches fairly easily. Finally on the measurement size, the XD(m) weights 32 oz. empty (and quite a bit more when loaded with 19 rounds of 9mm ammunition), it's 8" from end to end and about 5.6" high and my version came in two tone black and green.

The XD and XD(m) have some things in common, for example there are both striker fired, offer high capacity, double stacked magazine and both are very easy to fire. They both sit high in the hand and you can control all levers without changing your grip. But beyond the basics, these are two very different handguns and the XD(m) is far superior and much more fun to shoot. You are getting several hundred dollars' worth of upgrades in the XD(m) and you can customize it to fit your palm, similar to what the S&W M&P can do.

I found the Springfield Armory XD(m) to be a real shooter. Very accurate, very easy to get on target and with what seems an endless amount of ammunition in its magazine. I'm use to single stack 1911 handguns and 19 bullets seem an unbelievable number of rounds to have in a fight. The XD(m) shot to point of aim, recoil was distributed well into my palm and arms and by changing the palm swell I was able to get a true custom fit.

The interesting looking groves in the grip really work well, and the XD(m) seems to stick to your hands, wet or not, and with full power self-defense bullets. The magazine release is easy to reach and ejects the magazine with ease. The sights are nice, but I prefer night sights and have had the factory sights replaces with TruGlo TFO sights, same as my Robar XD. The trigger is very nice and every shot is consistent with the previous one. Despite being a light handgun, the trigger is easy to release, something that contributes to accuracy.

The XD(m) took every bit of ammunition I had to offer. It even fed, fired and ejected ammunition I found in my closet from over 10 years ago. It seemed to prefer Federal HST 135 Tactical loads but did well with pretty much any self-defense ammo I gave it. It's always pleasing to see a handgun that's built for self-defense and that isn't finicky with any sort of ammo. It's a lesson some 1911's can learn from this factory handgun.

All in all, the XD(m) did exceedingly well at the range and my biggest surprise, was my wife's preference to this handgun. The second XD(m) went to her and then promptly to Robar for a NP3 plus finish, night sights and a few more enhancements. It will be her first custom gun.

For concealed carry, I prefer to carry the XD(m) with a CrossBreed holster. I don't do so often, having a bias toward 45 ACP and 1911s, but I suspect the Crossbreed will soon find a new home, in my wife's closed and on her hip. With two spare magazines, this handgun offers sufficient firepower for starting and ending a small war. I say this with all seriousness and think that this level of magazine capacity, is far better than the 4 extra 1911 magazines I typically carry.

In summary, I have nothing but good things to say about the 9mm XD(m). What more can I say other than the fact that I gave it to my wife for concealed carry? This handgun has proven itself with lots of rounds and different testing done by me and others.

My only complaint is aimed at my budget, which is currently dry and therefore not in a position to fund a 45 ACP XD(m)-but seriously, this is an excellent handgun and we'd recommend it to novice as well as experienced users. For novices, to be carried loaded but without a round in the chamber and for experts, loaded and ready to go. We suggest you look at the full line of available Springfield Armory XD(m) to see which of them could work best for you.

Until next time, stay safe by being alert!

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