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Wilson Combat 1911: 45 ACP Tactical Supergrade Gun Review

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By Dan S Defense

Wilson Combat is a leading custom gun maker. Wilson Combat is known for making superb firearms, especially high end model 1911 handguns and magazines that function for many years. Over the years, with hard work and innovation, Wilson Combat built a reputation for excellence.

So how does the Wilson Combat 1911 Tactical Supergrade fit into this? Wilson Combat is one of the top 1911 gun makers in the world. Wilson Combat tells us that the 1911 Tactical Supergrade is their finest full size defensive handgun. When you combine both facts, you can easily see how the Wilson Combat 1911 Tactical Supergrade is one of the finest handguns on the planet.

Owners the Wilson Combat Tactical Supergrade is a fine work of art, that functions well for self defense, in any weather condition and any environment. But, the 1911 Tactical Supergrade, as its name implies, can also be taken into any combat zone with equal success. With this context, you can see that we will be reviewing a fascinating and unique firearm. In this review we will take a close and hard look at the Wilson Combat 1911 Tactical Supergrade.

My trusted Tactical Supergrade, which I had to wait for nine long months, and that fired over 6,000 rounds of different 45 ACP ammo, during the past few years. We'll share pictures, specifics, and a range report. I'll share my experience with Wilson Combat's customer service, to complete the picture of ownership, and provide a summary with pros and cons. Finally, don't forget to click on the pictures at the upper right hand side of the article, for a closer look at the Wilson Combat 1911 Tactical Supergrade.

The Entity Known as Wilson Combat:

Wilson Combat was founded in 1977 by Bill Wilson in a peaceful part of Arkansas. Bill Wilson is a skilled and talented man, trained in fine jewelry and watch repair and accomplished hunter and shooter.

Bill Wilson took those fine metal forming skills, great attention to detail in very small parts and his passion for firearms, and started the tiny Wilson's Gun Shop in fall of 1977. He built and modified guns, first for himself, then for friends and fellow competitors and later for customers. Wilson Combat started as a small business above a jewelry store and turned into a thriving and successful business.

Today, Wilson Combat makes some of the fines 1911 pistols, as well as high end rifles. Wilson Combat is still a small business with 50 or so employees. The gunsmiths at Wilson Combat produce a relatively small number of firearms each year, some of which are built as specific models, and some are custom built based on specific customer requirements.

By investing resources, innovation and setting the highest possible bar for customer service, Wilson Combat earned a reputation by constant strive for excellence and hard work. Despite being a small business, Wilson Combat has 45 patents and other significant awards, to their name.

Bill Wilson himself is legendary. Wilson was an outstanding competitor, who won numerous matches and national titles, before retiring to focus on his business full time. Bill Wilson is a "Member American Pistolsmiths Guild", a small and brilliant group of the very best gunsmiths alive today. And Bill Wilson, the father and creator of the Tactical Supergrade even won the guild's most prestigious honor and was named "PISTOLSMITH OF THE YEAR 2002."

The folks at Wilson Combat take great pride in the firearms and accessories they build as well as their legendary customer service. In the following pages we'll look at each of these areas of pride and see if they are indeed justified.

The Tactical Supergrade we'll Be Examining Here:

Part of the value I offer is based on my experience. And this article is no different. We'll be looking and talking about my carry Wilson Combat Tactical Supergrade, so this review is (as all my reviews) based on the real things and not on Internet research or "I saw one once..." . The Tactical Supergrade is considered the best self defense handgun from one of the premier custom shops in the world.

That to me means two things: first, that the very best materials and components will be used to build the Supergrade with the labor of the most experienced and skilled gunsmiths, to produce an outstanding work of art and second, that it will be expensive.

The base Tactical Supergrade starts at $4350.00 (2011) and then each addition and/or modification costs extra. I made several modifications to my model, with the most significant being a removable Dawson Precision light rail. That allows me to choose whether the Tactical Supergrade rides in a normal, highly concealed 1911 holster while wearing Crimson Trace Lasergrips or, whether the Tactical Supergrade carries a light and/or laser such as the Suerfire X400 in a thigh holster or fanny pack.

That flexibility has proven itself to be priceless and to me this and other Supergrade modifications were well worth the final price. On a sentimental note, I was able to purchase this weapon after winning an award of excellence, which makes this handgun even more valuable and symbolic to me.

A Close Look at the Tactical Supergrade:

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