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Bushmaster acr review

Bushmaster ACR Rifle Review

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By Dan S. Defense

The Bushmaster ACR is a superb semi-automatic sporting rifle that's ready for field use, competitions, home defense or even combat. Conceived by experienced, real-life shooters and designed to exceed the capabilities of the AR-15, the Bushmaster ACR offers outstanding performance and innovative features. In this article we'll take a look at the Bushmaster ACR, which began its life as the Magpul Masada, and see if it could be right for you.

The Bushmaster ACR, or "Adaptive Combat Rifle" has been in the making for years. it's been a long road for this unique rifle, and over the years I have seen people wait for it, pray for it and then forget all about it. Yes, it's been that long. The ACR started its life as the Magpul Masada, named after the Jewish fortress of Masada and the historic acts of defiance, taken by Masada's defenders against Emperor's Vespasian's mighty Roman 10Th Legion.

If you are not aware of this historic event, this quote from Magpul's Jan 2010 publication will help provide more context: "The name Masada comes from the battle of Masada where the Roman X Legion laid siege to the Jews in 72 AD. The fortress stood on top of a plateau and had a secure source of fresh water.

Because of this, the Romans were forced to build a ramp to allow their formations to advance up to the fortress without breaking ranks. When the ramp was nearly complete, the Jewish defenders decided to end their existence rather than become the inevitable slaves of the Roman Empire. The citizens of Masada left their food out in plain sight to show the Romans that they were in no danger starving and through this act of defiance they have defined the nature of controlling one's own destiny."

I also found it interesting that the following was explicitly called out in the same publication: "Magpul Industries is not Jewish owned or Israeli backed, however Magpul has always found the story of the Masada as a bold example of defiance."

Looking at the roots of the ACR, which was still called the Masada, I found that it was designed from the ground up without any sort of government funding or assistance--just good engineering and superb innovative minds. But innovation isn't enough and bringing a high quality rifle to market is a daunting task. At one point the Masada design was sold to Bushmaster and today it's part of Bushmaster / Remington group as the ACR we see today.
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