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Black Rifle for Left-Handed Shooters

Left-Handed 6.8 SPC Black Rifle Review

By Dan S. Defense

Stag Arms has been in business for a while. It is a mid-size company that supplies quality AR-rifles to civilians as well as law enforcement organizations. I came across Stag Arms when I looked for a left-handed AR rifle. I'm one of a small group of individuals that are ambidextrous to some degree. While being able to shoot with both hands, we prefer to use a handgun in our right hand and rifle in our left. Since my left eye is my dominant eye, it is easier for me to shoot faster and more accurately with rifles.

After owning and heavily using a left-handed Stag Arms 5.56, and finding it to be a quality weapon, I decided to build a full 6.8 SPC rifle with Stag Arms parts. I started by ordering a 6.8 SPC lower. It slightly differs from a 5.56 lower because it has a stronger action (recoil) spring. The 5HL upper was a basic flat top with 16" barrel and A2 front sight. The upper comes complete with bolt carrier assembly and charging handle.

Before we start looking at the rifle and work I did, we need to provide some context on the less known 6.8 SPC cartridge. The 6.8 SPC (Special Purpose Cartridge) was designed for military purposes. More specifically, it was designed as an enhanced man stopper that was to exceed the performance of the 5.56 caliber cartridge. The cartridge was developed by Remington with feedback from Special Forces personal and folks from the Army Marksmanship Unit. The 6.8 SPC fits inside modified 5.56 magazines and any standard AR 15 can use this cartridge with a new, 6.8 SPC upper and no other modifications. We'll cover this cartridge in-depth in the near future, but for the purpose of this review, it was important to provide some context.

Now that you have context, we can go back to the Stag Arms rifle. After getting the upper and lower parts, I started modifying the rifle to meet my individual needs.

I started with the lower. I replaced the generic pistol grip with a Hogue rubber pistol grip w/finger grooves. I find that it allows me a better grip and doesn't interfere with my wedding band. I added an ambidextrous safety switch, which allows you to flip the safety off and on with either hand and I added a small recoil pad over the M4 stock. I find that it offers better contact with my shoulder. It also reduces recoil and more comfort during extended training sessions. That concluded the work on the lower half.

The upper took more work. I replaced the generic hand guards with quad rails. I bought a set from Daniel Defense and from MI (Midwest Industries, Inc.) and opted to the install the MI set. I kept the Daniel Defense for the next AR project. I then replaced the charging handle. After some research I opted for the BCM (Bravo Company USA) AR15 charging handle. I then built an IDF combat sling to allow me to carry the weapon hands-free as well as offer better tactical movement and usage. I'll talk about that in a different article and teach you how to build one yourself. I then added a set of short range optics in the form of an EOTECH 512 holographic sight and added a 3x magnifier with a flip to side lever. For the final touch I added a surefire X200 light and a Crimson Trace, vertical foregrip with a laser / light combo (MVF-515 RED).

The combination was a high end 6.8 SPC rifle suited for home defense, hunting or any other tactical situation. I added 6.8 SPC magazines from Stag Arms, Bushmaster and my favorite Barrett 30 round magazines. I'll review the different 6.8 magazines in future, but the ones I like most are from Bushmaster and Barrett.

The Stag Arms rifle shoots like a dream. It is very accurate and reliable. I can easily place several bullets into a head target at 200 meters, using the 3X magnifier and ammunition from SSA (Silver State Armory). Rapid fire is also easy to control, with minimal muzzle rise and full control. I don't miss the fully automatic option, since I never liked it much and even in the military, where ammo was free and plentiful, I mush preferred select fire. As for the ammo, I had occasion to run a 6.8 SSA round through some layers of wood and the result was most impressive. This round can easily and efficiently used to take down medium sized game at stalking distance.

In summary, I find the Stag Arms 6.8 SPC rifle, both lower and upper to be of high quality. The reasonable price is an added bonus. Whether you purchase a fully built rifle, which you can somewhat customize on the Stag Arms web site, or if you choose to build your own, you won't go wrong with Stag Arms.

Until next time, stay safe by staying alert. 

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