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Knife Reviews

By Dan S Defense
TOPs knife review
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TOPS Knife Review: CQT Thunder Hawke

The CQT Thunder Hawke is a high quality, super sharp, manual folding knife from TOPS Knives. It's one of the most handsome and functional blades we've ever owned. Want to learn more about it? Read on.
Blade Tech Hunter Lite Knife Review

In this review we'll look at the Blade Tech Wegner Professional Hunter Lite pocket knife. The Blade Tech Pro Hunter-Lite is a serious folding knife with an unassuming form factor. I use it for daily carry.
HK 14452 folding knife HK 14452 Folding Knife (Folder)

Review coming soon. In the meantime, checkout our high resolution knife picture for this Heckler and Koch folder. 
More knife reviews coming soon.
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