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Knife Reviews
By Dan S Defense

Knives have been around for thousands of years in one form or another. The basic principles behind these trusty self defense tools, from stone-age weapons to the Bronze Age and modern steel, haven’t changed. But the quality of knives has risen sharply through the years.

Let’s look at some top quality knives that are available to you, the modern warrior. And note that even if your primary self defense tool is a firearm, we highly recommend that you read this section, because knives never run out of bullets, and it’s very hard to cut a seat belt with a handgun.

Cold Steel Peacemaker High Resolution Knife Picture Fixed Blade

In-depth reviews and pictures of fixed blade knives.
Folder Knife Reviews Folders

In-depth reviews and pictures of folding knives.
High Res Knife Pictures

Hi Resolution knife Pictures. Free for personal or non-commercial use. Just click the thumbnails for high resolution images.
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