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Crimson Trace Hangun Laser Review  Crimson Trace Grip Closeup
Crimson Trace
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By Dan S Defense

The customer base is diverse and impressive. From the U.S. Military to many law enforcement agencies (which saw significant improvement in officer accuracy) to people serious about law abiding citizens to OEMS such as Kimber and Smith & Wesson. Just to clarify and underscore their popularity -- it doesn't mean that there are 250,000 people with Lasergrips.

Many people who buy a set and use it for a while, inevitably decide to purchase additional units. In my house hold we have a several sets. The most important, from my perspective is the one on my wife's self defense handgun. Then I have more Crimson Trace grips on a few of my favorite guns.

Crimson Trace offers lasers for a large number of handguns and rifles. From pocket guns such as the Ruger LCR to home defense "black rifles", Crimson Trace has something to offer to most operators. Crimson Trace continues to innovate, and the web site keeps offering new models all the time.

Given this diversity, the term Lasergrips isn't always accurate, since, for example, the Ruger LCP laser actually wraps around the trigger guard; and the laser for the home defense "black rifle" serves as a forward grip. They even offer lasergrips for revolvers, some big enough for hunting, which makes sense as hunting in twilight or tracking a moving target, becomes much easier to do with a laser dot.

Crimson Trace lasers are strong, reliable and helpful. Whether used for training or self defense, they offer a significant tactical advantage. If you want to see how to use them for training, take a look and read this article.

If you want to learn more about Crimson Trace lasers and see them in action, I highly recommend your order the free Laser Training DVD to see first hand if this is right for you. Since lasers and weaponlights go hand in hand, I also recommend you read the article about weaponlights.

Until next time, stay safe by staying alert!

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