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Handgun Lasers
By Dan S Defense
Could a Laser Sight Save Your Life?

A laser sight projects a beam onto the target. It allows you to focus on the threat. The threat could stand down when they see the laser dot. But as always there are cons too. We'll examine both side to see if a laser sight is right for you.
Crimson Trace Gun Laser Review with Pictures

Crimson Trace: Handgun Lasers: Review with Pictures

Crimson trace builds high quality lasers. Installing a Crimson Trace laser on your self defense handgun, or home defense weapon, offers you a good tactical advantage. Crimson Trace laser are expensive. Are they worth it? Let's see.

Crimson Trace Lasergrips for the Ruger LCR Pocket Revolver Review: Crimson Trace Lasergrips for Ruger LCR

Though a well-designed pocket revolver, the Ruger LCR could use a better sighting system. The Crimson Trace laser grips offer accuracy and deterrence, and turns the Ruger LCR into a relevant self defense handgun in all lighting conditions.
Ruger LCP Crimson Trace Laser Review

Review: Ruger LCP Crimson Trace Laser

The Crimson Trace laser that was built specifically for the Ruger LCP is an innovative device. It has a front activation switch, bright laser dot and compact size. Is it something you need? Read on and decided for yourself.

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