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Ruger LCP Crimson Trace Review
Review: Ruger LCP Crimson Trace Laser

By Dan S Defense

Pocket Gun Goes High Tech with Effective Laser Sight

The Ruger LCP is a small and effective pocket gun. It's been selling well since its introduction in the 2008 SHOT show and you can read my extensive review of it in this article. Today we will look at the Crimson Trace laser that was built specifically for the Ruger LCP. It is an innovative device that uses a front activation switch which is intuitively engaged when you tighten your grip on the LCP. Is it something you need? Is it worth the money? Could it save your life? Read on and decided for yourself.

The Ruger LCP is a very small 380 ACP pocket gun. As such, the designers had to carefully select the features that will consume space. Because The Ruger LCP was designed as a last resort self-defense handgun at very short ranges, the need for proper sights was deemed less important and the LCP has a tiny front sight and minimal rear ones. To say they are not very helpful would be kind. Still, for very short ranges, one could assume the Point Shooting technique and hit a man size target. Or would they?

The Ruger LCP has many good qualities but its size leaves little space for a proper grip. With full power self defense 380 ACP ammo, this little gun kicks like a mule and when you add to these the fact that most self-defense situations happen at low or no light, you see that there's a need here for something to make the LCP even more effective.

In comes Crimson Trace with the LG-431 model, built specifically for the Ruger LCP. I looked at the Crimson Trace site and it had a good description which I find to be accurate and true. They write: "The new LG-431 Lasergrips are set to be an essential tool for Ruger LCP owners as they become proficient with this tiny polymer pistol. The instinctive front-activation button means shooters grab the gun with their normal shooting grip and the laser will be instantly projected wherever the gun is aimed.

This "instinctive activation" provides immediate feedback and and gives shooters confidence their shots will hit their target.". After shooting the Ruger LCP quite a bit I can attest to the accuracy of this statement.

But the Crimson Trace laser does two more things that make the Ruger LCP a more formidable self defense pocket gun.

First, it offers a good training tool for trigger control. The LCP's trigger takes getting used to, especially the long pull and more pressure weight that a 1911, and as you know trigger control is critical to accuracy. With the Crimson Trace laser you can practice your trigger pull until the light stops jumping around (which means you no longer jerk the trigger).

Second is the intimidation factor. When a thread see your laser dot projected on his body, common sense may kick-in and the fight may be avoided. The best gun fight is the one that never takes place and the Crimson Trace may do that for you.

Whether you look at a laser as a training aid, a way to shoot more accurately or as a way to deter a fight from happening, the Crimson Trace LG-431 is well worth the money. It fits snugly on the trigger guard, projects a bright red dot and can be easily seen and it keeps the size small and compact. I wouldn't carry my Ruger LCP without one and suggest you take a hard look at this high tech tactical tool.

Until next time, stay safe by staying alert!

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