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How to choose the best weapon light for your gun
How to Choose
The Best Weapon Light for You

By Dan S Defense

In this article we'll look at the reason for owning a self defense weapon light. Then we'll examine the selection process, for the best possible weapon light, for your self defense handgun or home defense handgun. This article will focus on self defense weapon lights.

This means that your self defense handgun of choice must have a rail that will accommodate the weapon light. In most cases, the rail is built into the frame, but in some cases, an operator can opt to add a Dawson rail as an after market item. If your self defense handgun or home defense pistol do not have such a rail, you can still use a light but your needs will be covered in a different article.

Before we look at weapon lights, we need to answer a basic question--why do we need a weapon light on our self defense handgun of choice? Aren't night sights good enough for dealing with issues in low light or no light? Well, it's a fair question.

The answer is simple. The vast majority of shootings happen in low light or no light. Criminals prefer the stealth of night since it offer good cover for evil deeds. Night sights will allow you to see your sights at night, but they will not offer you any benefit, when it comes to seeing the threat itself. And, as you well know, you must identify the threat to make sure you are going to get good bullet placement, and shoot the right target.

The point of clearly identifying the threat becomes even more critical in home defense scenarios. When the threat enters your home, and poses an imminent danger to your family, you must be able to distinguish the bad guy from a frightened family member.

A weapon light, in both cases, will also offer you a tactical advantage since it will temporarily blind your opponent, killing their night vision and ability to see and kill you. As you can see the reasons for having a weapon light on your self defense or home defense gun, are clear and serious. You need a weapon light because lives could be at risk if you ignore this critical need!

From the need for a weapon light on your self defense handgun, you can see that the light needs to be strong --it must turn a chunk of night into day--to allow you to clearly see the threat and to give you a tactical edge. It must be portable (i.e. mounted) on your self defense handgun to allow you to move around.

In the case of the home defense handgun, a weapon light will leave you with one free hand to open doors or hurry a family member into a safe room. It needs to have sufficient battery life to allow you to search the home, or defend your position in the safe room.

Above all else, your weapon light must be reliable. It must work 100% of the time and you need to trust your light to work every time. A weapon light for self defense must be as reliable as your self defense handgun. You must test it in the range, just as you'd test you self defense handgun--this isn't a toy nor an ornament for your handgun--it is a functional, life saving combat accessory!

Requirements for the best weapon light for your self defense or home defense light:

1. It must be 100% reliable --it must work each and every time you need it to work.

2. It must be bright --it must turn a chunk of night into day.

3. It must be tough --it will get banged against walls and it will must survive the punishment of your gun's recoil.

4. it must stick like glue--it needs to be snug on your self defense handgun and it mustn't fall off during shooting.

5. It must be easy to activate --you need to be able to turn it on even under sever stress --simple is better.

This means that a good weapon light is not going to be cheap. In fact, it will be expensive and it will be worth every penny, if you ever need it to save your life, or the life of a loved one. Cheap plastic lights are cute for kids but not so cute when your life depends on them, and they fail.

Now that we covered the hard stuff, we can look at some options that you may want to take a good look at. I'll start with my weapon light of choice which is the Surefire X300. These lights are rock solid and come with a few adopters to fit most self defense handgun rails. You can get a great holster from Blade-Tech and carry it with your self-defense handgun of choice.

Another brand I like and own is the Streamlight TLR-1 C4 LED light. I carry that light on my S&W Thunder Ranch revolver and feel very safe with it. Another strong brand is Blackhawk and they have an interesting weapon light called the Xiphos NT. All of these are military grade weapon lights that will keep your home defense handgun or self defense handgun fir for usage at night.

I recommend you read more about each brand, keeping in mind the point we covered as you seek the best weapon light for your self defense handgun or home defense handgun.
Until next time, stay safe by being alert!

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