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Firearm Optics
By Dan S Defense
The type of optics you need will depend on the job you need to get done. Here we'll provide reviews for a wide range of mission-specific optics to help you find the one that's right for you.
Short range firearms optics Short Range Firearm Optics

Articles and reviews.
Medium range firearms optics
Medium Range Firearm Optics

Articles and reviews.
Long range optics reviews Long Range Firearms Optics

Articles and reviews.
Night vision optics Night Vision Firearms Optics

Articles and reviews.
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Gun Articles

In the Gun Articles category we'll talk about guns in general, cover topics that apply to more than a single maker. Think of it as a general purpose category for talking about guns.
Shotgun Reviews

In-depth shotgun reviews ranging from home defense to hunting.  
Handgun laser reviews Handgun Lasers

A handgun laser offers a tactical advantage in a threatening situation, as well as a great training tool. We'll review different types of lasers, discuss their applications, and see how to get the most out of them.  
Target Ammunition Reviews

Target ammunition is the ammo you will use most often. It will, therefore, need to be affordable, but also simulate your self defense bullets. Target ammunition costs less but shouldn't be the cheapest possible junk you can find to feed your high-quality gun.
Self Defense Ammunition

Self defense ammunition is a critical component in your self defense plan. It will be the only part of your gear that will make contact with the person trying to kill you. It will, therefore, need to be the very best that you can get.
Free Desktop Backgrounds

Hi resolution gun images, which you can download for free. Additional images are added on a regular basis.
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