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Switchview Review:
Speed Your Scope’s Power Setting Adjustment (Page 1)
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By Dan S Defense

Switchview, as the name implies, allows you to switch the power setting of your scope, quickly and efficiently. A small lever is installed on top of your scope’s power setting ring, to allow for quick and easy modifications to your optical zoom setting. It’s a simple yet highly innovative solution to a fairly complicated problem. I saw it advertised many months ago and marked it as an item of interest.

When we recently got a Millett DMS-1 for review, the old advertisement came to mind, and we ordered one for this review. Here, we’ll look at the background that led us to investigate this solution, and then we’ll look at the installation process, and the practical application of the switchview. We’ll end with our take on the Switchview for your review and consideration.

I’ve always valued the added advantage of using optics. During my days in the IDF, I still recall the day when my newly issued M4 Colt had been fitted with a heavy 4X Trilux scope, which was designed for low light missions and thus fitted with an internally self-illuminating tritium tube (revolutionary at the time). A small lever modified the operational range of the Trilux—250 meters or 450 meters—which for my typical, urban warfare needs mostly meant a single setting of 250 meters.

Today, we have a large variety of high quality special purpose optics available to us (day/night/all-weather/CQB/long distance/anywhere in between), and the Trilux is now a collectable relic. It’s long depleted radioactive tritium tubes no longer shine. Its capabilities obsolete--far exceeded by a fitter and more powerful generation—a bit like me. However, back in my service days, my trusted Trilux served me well. The added magnification, especially in low light scenarios, was priceless and together we saved lives. It was the start of a beautiful friendship with optics.

Over the years, I’ve been partial to single setting optics. From 1X Holographic Weapon Sight (HWS) from L-3 EOTech and the AA battery powered Aimpoint CompM4. As needed, I added a quick detach (QD), flip to side 3X Magnifiers. If I need longer range optics, I turn to the trusted Trijicon Advanced Combat Optical Gunsights (ACOG). It offers a single, fixed power setting for reliability, and ease of use, just as the L3 EOTech HWS.
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