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Handgun shooting tips
How to Shoot Accurately
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By Dan S Defense

Handgun shooting tips!

In this article I'll teach you a simple technique that will allow you to shoot your handgun accurately. We'll start with the steps you need to take, I'll explain what happens when you fire a handgun and how it affects you, and then I'll give you a few simple tips to reinforce your new shooting technique.

If you follow my steps and tips, and invest a few hours working on this technique at home, you'll be able to shoot your handgun much more accurately. In fact, if you practice for as little as a week, you'll even surprise yourself with much improved accuracy!

The technique comprises of four simple steps: You get into a proper stance, you grip your handgun efficiently, while acquiring a decent sight picture, and then applying your full attention on trigger control. Combine these simple steps with discipline to practice, and basic understanding of what happens when you fire a handgun, and you'll be shooting like a pro in no time.
How to shoot better
Let's look at what happens when you fire a handgun. It's important to understand because the forces you unleash affect your ability to shoot well.

When you pull the trigger and fire your handgun, you initiate a small, controlled explosion. That in turn generates pressure which propels your bullet, through your handguns' barrel toward the target. The explosion and subsequent travel of the bullet through the barrels' rifling, generates noise, recoil and a twisting motion. Our technique takes this into account, and teaches you how to manage this process with professional ease.

Before you begin check, and then check again, that your firearm is unloaded. Review the four safety rules and leave all ammunition out of reach. This is critical and can't be overlooked or ignored.

Your stance provides a solid platform for your upper body. Face the target, stand with your feet at shoulder width apart, and place one foot slightly forward. Slightly bend the knee of the forward facing foot, and straighten the other one. Keep your upper body straight and relaxed. You want a steady platform that can absorb recoil, and maintain the firearm in a close to fixed position.

Tip: ask someone to push you back with a bit of force. If you remain steady in your stance, you have it right. Otherwise, adjust it until you can resist a moderate shove.

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