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How to shoot accurately
How to Shoot Accurately
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Take your unloaded firearm and hold it with your strong hand. Grip it as high as you can, and point your thumb up, to make room for the support hand. Place the support hand, covering as much handgun grip space as possible, to give you the best possible grip.

Your support hand finger, when pointed forward, ought to point to the ground at a 45 degree angle. Grip the handgun with both hands, pointing both thumbs forward and applying good, equal pressure to the handgun. Squeeze it as hard as you can, without generating any sort of shaking.

Why do you need such a firm and solid grip? Because your handgun is going to be pushed up from the recoil and it will also twist in the direction of the rifling, typically toward the right. Your job is simple--keep the handgun steady and straight. You won't be able to control the recoil and overcome it, but you will manage it by letting the handgun go up and down, in a predictable and steady manner.

Tip: don't be afraid of the recoil--understand and manage it. If the noise bothers you, get better hearing protection, and focus on the process of hitting the target.

In your stance, raise the handgun and stretch both arms forward, pushing the handgun away from your face. Don't lock the elbows, just point forward and maintain a positive grip. Continue to raise the handgun until your dominant eye can see the front sight and the target.

When your front sight is aligned with the target, your sight picture is set. Remember to lean forward just a bit, and to keep the front sight aligned with imaginary center of your dominant eye ball.

Tip: practice while facing a while wall, and the front sight will be easier to focus on.

Now, the most difficult part--trigger control. While pointing the unloaded firearm in a safe direction, cock the hammer back, place the first pad of your shooting finger firmly on the trigger. Gently squeeze the trigger. Apply slow, continues pressure toward the rear of the trigger, slowly pulling until the trigger breaks, and the hammer falls on the empty chamber.

This is where most shooters fail to exercise control. They jerk the trigger, send the barrel up and sideways, and therefore miss their intended target. You must control your trigger and you must build muscle memory by doing this many hundreds of times.

Tip: keep your finger pad on the center of the trigger. The lower the finger in relation to the trigger, the more pressure you'll need to apply.

The technique is easy to learn but hard to master. It took me hundreds of hours and countless sessions to develop my trigger control. If you persist, you will get better, and the great part is that you can greatly improve your shooting with a fraction of the ammunition you currently use to miss your target. Try getting into an empty, quite room, practicing this technique for 30 minutes each day for a week.

Tip: Focus on automating the process of shooting and pay attention to breaking the trigger.

The more you practice, the better you'll shoot at the range, and the more fun you'll have. Study the technique, focus on the tips and give it a try for a week. I'm pretty sure that you, as many of my students, will even surprise yourself with the results!
Until next time, stay safe by staying alert. 

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How to shoot better
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