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Tried & True Self Defense Wisdom

by Dan  s Defense

Review: Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Class

The state of Utah offers a concealed firearm permit to non-resident citizens. This article will focus on the The 4-hour class mandated by the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification. I took this class at the Insights Training Center
Could a Laser Sight Save Your Life?

A laser sight projects a beam onto the target. It allows you to focus on the threat. The threat could stand down when they see the laser dot. But as always there are cons too. We'll examine both side to see if a laser sight is right for you.
Becoming a Better Handgun Shooter

It's fascinating to see how many bullets go down range but how few hit the target. This observation spurred this article about becoming better shooters. We'll look at a few simple techniques that are sure to increase your efficiency as a shooter
Self Defense Techniques for All Ages

Self Defense Techniques for All Ages


Not everyone owns or wants to own a firearm. Some people live in places were firearms are banned. And since no one wants to be a victim, we need some guidance on personal safety. Let's look at Five Simple Self Defense Techniques.

How to defend your dog in case of a dog attack

How to Defend Your Dog in Case of a Dog Attack

How can you defend your loving pet from a vicious attack by another dog?
Because pets are domesticated and used only to being loved, they are unable to defend themselves in a dog attack. Another dog looks like an excellent playmate or someone to bark at. Domesticated dogs rarely expect a dog attack, and don't know what to do when it happens.

How to shoot accurately How to Shoot Accurately

Want to learn how to shoot your handgun accurately? I'll teach you an easy technique that you can practice at home (for free), and then use at the range, to significantly improve your target shooting skills. Try it and you'll even surprise yourself!
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In-depth handgun reviews ranging from pocket guns to combat revolvers and full-size semi-automatics. We'll evaluate each gun for accuracy and reliability and look at pros and cons, with the goal of giving you the information you need to make an informed decision when buying a gun.   
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In the Gun Articles category we'll talk about guns in general, cover topics that apply to more than a single maker. Think of it as a general purpose category for talking about guns.
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