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Self Defense Tactics
On the Street
by Dan S Defense
Pepper Spray: A Less Than Lethal Self Defense Alternative

Less than lethal weapons, as the name implies are still weapons, but ones that do not use deadly force to do so. They offer an alternative or supplement to defensive firearms. Let's take a closer look and see if they are right for you.

Could a Laser Sight Save Your Life?

A laser sight projects a beam onto the target. It allows you to focus on the threat. The threat could stand down when they see the laser dot. But as always there are cons too. We'll examine both side to see if a laser sight is right for you.

Choosing Self Defense Ammunition

Ammunition selection is critical. The bullet you choose will make contact with the threat that wants to harm you. It's the tip of your spear. There are many options out there. Here we'll see how to select the one that's best for you.

Best Handguns for Women

When men buy guns for women, they typically buy a gun they like, and then bring it home with a smile that soon disappears, as the "perfect gift", is deemed unsuitable. To avoid this, read our top 5 options for the title of "best handgun for women".  

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Situational Awareness Can Save Your Life

Situational awareness can save your life. It can also make your life more interesting and fulfilling. Is situational awareness a magical thing that can protect you and enhance your life? Read on and you'll find out.

How to Defend Your Dog in Case of a Dog Attack

How can you defend your loving pet from a vicious attack by another dog? Because pets are domesticated and used only to being loved, they are unable to defend themselves in a dog attack. Another dog looks like an excellent playmate or someone to bark at. Domesticated dogs rarely expect a dog attack, and don't know what to do when it happens. 
  How to Defend Yourself in a Dog Attack
Dog attacks are not the norm, and dog attacks are rarely life threatening, but large dog attacks can cause significant pain. In the case of rabbis, sever health problems can ensue, in addition to pain and suffering. In this article we'll discuss ways to stop a dog attack, or if an attack is imminent, tips for defending yourself against the attacking dog. 
How to Shoot Accurately

Want to learn how to shoot your handgun accurately? I'll teach you an easy technique that you can practice at home (for free), and then use at the range, to significantly improve your target shooting skills. Try it and you'll even surprise yourself!
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