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The Home Defense

By Dan S. Defense

The home defense shotgun is a mighty weapon. Many consider the home defense shotgun to be the ultimate tool for dealing with home invasions. The home defense shotgun is simple to operate and reliable. The home defense shotgun is affordable and easy to maintain. But above all the home defense shotgun is powerful and deadly.

A home defense shotgun with proper self defense ammunition can stop any human in their tracks. In fact, in my mind, the home defense shotgun is unmatched by any other long gun in short distances. I own a home defense shotgun and just knowing its around makes me sleep better at night. In this article we'll look at the home defense shotgun to see if it is a proper tool for you. A home defense shotgun can come in a few different calibers, but here we'll look at the 12 gauge, which is popular, strong and affordable.

To provide a complete picture of the home defense shotgun, we'll look at good self defense ammunition; and we'll look at a few home defense shotgun options, to get your research going. By the end of this article you'll know if you ought to look hard at a home defense shotgun.

Thus far it appears that the home defense shotgun is a perfect firearm. It's a very good firearm but it has significant drawbacks that you must consider. The first thing to realize is that a home defense shotgun is long and somewhat heavy. Navigating through doors and hallways can be difficult and tricky. That can be mitigated with proper training and tactics.

The second thing to realize is that the home defense shotgun generates significant recoil when it sends its ammunition toward your attacker. That is probably the biggest drawback, but that too can be mitigated by good ammo selection and technology. You can use reduced recoil home defense ammo to reduce the kick. There are several "shock absorbers" that can be installed on the stock to further reduce the punch (e.g. Blackhawk's Koxx stock). Add to that a proper grip and range time and you'll be fine.

Having looked at the limitations and showing how they can be mitigated, we can move toward a few recommended shotgun loads. As I mentioned, for home defense I prefer reduced recoil ammo for better control and less risk of over penetration. I use one of two brands: The Winchester Ranger Buckshot (several small projectiles) and Slugs (one large projectile), or the Federal Buckshot and Tactical TruBall Rifled Slug ammo. My home defense shotgun is loaded with one of these (i.e. inside the internal magazine) and a different type as spare ammo.

Typically the buckshot is internal and the slugs external. I recommend you spend time researching the different types of ammunition, until you find one that you think works for you; then test that ammo in your home defense shotgun to be sure.The last thing to examine in this article are a few options for a home defense shotgun. There are many brands out there, but I chose two pump guns-The Remington 870 and the Mossberg 590A1. I'll write reviews about both later, but as always, research on your own and see which home defense shotgun is right for you. I hope this helps you start this interesting investigation.

Until next time, stay safe by staying alert!
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