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Wilderness Self Defense Tactics
By Dan S Defense
Disaster Survival in the Wild: How to Stay Alive!

You are injured while hiking or hunting in the wild. What first aid steps will stabilize your condition? What split action first aid will keep you alive until help comes? Let's look at "Quick Clot" and first aid steps for life saving rescue in the wild. 
how to start a fire without matches Disaster Survival in the Wild: How to Start a Fire Without Matches

Being able to start a fire in the woods, in a camping trip or survival situation, is an important skill to acquire. In this article we'll look at two ways to start a fire without using matches.
Disaster Survival in the Wild: How to Build a Survival "A Frame" Shelter

If you get lost in the woods or find yourself stranded in the wilderness, you'll need to build a shelter, in order to survive. Building a shelter in the woods isn't hard. The shelter we'll teach you how to build is called a survival "A frame" shelter.
TOPS Knife Review: CQT Thunder Hawke

The CQT Thunder Hawke is a high quality, super sharp, manual folding knife from TOPS Knives. It's one of the most handsome and functional blades we've ever owned. Want to learn more about it? Read on.
Best trauma kits for disaster survival Best Trauma Kits for Disaster Survival in the Wild

In the middle of nowhere you need to be able to address life threatening injuries fast and effectively. You need to be able to stabilize serious injuries and survive until help arrives. First aid in this context is serious gear that's small enough to carry and sufficiently effective in saving your life. Let's look at options for wilderness injury survival from QuikClot, my preferred serious first aid products..
How to shoot accurately How to Shoot Accurately

Want to learn how to shoot your handgun accurately? I'll teach you an easy technique that you can practice at home (for free), and then use at the range, to significantly improve your target shooting skills. Try it and you'll even surprise yourself! 
Blade Tech Hunter Lite Knife Review

In this review we'll look at the Blade Tech Wegner Professional Hunter Lite pocket knife. The Blade Tech Pro Hunter-Lite is a serious folding knife with an unassuming form factor. I use it for daily carry
  Dog Energy Treats for Outdoor Stamina

For heavy work a dog needs 4.8 times more energy than when he is resting. Dog energy treats are rich in protein for outdoor stamina. Here's what you need to know about dog energy treats, and a recipe for homemade treats.
IDF Cadet and Team Mates Meet the Cliff of Doom

This is a true story. It happened sometime in the summer of 1988, in the vast Israeli Negev desert, while I was training to become an IDF officer. It's a somewhat funny tale about fiction influencing life. It also gives a peek into IDF training.
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